What I do
Graphic Design - Motion Graphics - User Experience (UX) - User Interface (UI)
Hello! I’m Itzel Joya. Born and raised in the quiet, uninhabited and secluded life in Mexico City, I was exposed to a multitude of bright colors and sounds… also to a lot of traffic! which gave me the time to really observe the world outside. Different art, people, clothes, architecture, billboards of what you see here in Canada, which expanded my views about design. And probably that’s why I’m so attracted to bright colors.
Art classes always interested me at school, although I also kept excellent grades in the other subjects! In spite of my father wanting me to become an accountant, I went for a degree in Graphic Design because I couldn’t imagine working 40 years or so in something I didn’t like. And I think I made a good decision, I loved my time at University. I made lasting friendships and I learnt tons about branding, printing, editorial, packaging, photography and even some Flash design, which at the time it was a big hype (remember those early 2000’s websites?). Additionally, when working in real projects I won some awards and some congratulations from my professors. I wasn’t there for the compliments, but it was a nice bonus.
On my last semester, I had a class in Maya and I was fascinated by it, that’s when I decided to learn more. Thus I traveled to the green (and sometimes sunny) British Columbia to study a diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects at VFS. After graduating, I enrolled in the Electronic Media Design certificate at Langara College, to expand my knowledge and become a better designer. I keep studying because life is about keep on learning. Your brain is never complete.
Having studied Graphic Design and Visual Effects I decided that a very gratifying path would be to combine them and dedicate myself to Motion Graphics. That way I can infuse animation, music and interactivity to my designs.
Want to get in touch? Send me an email mail@itzelpixel.com or use the contact page.
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