Project Summary
This was my final project for the Motion Graphics course with Gnomon School of Visual Effects. The assignment was designing an interface that a person could interact with. It had to be based on an original concept. Thus I decided to built a smart TV that appears when swiping over the fridge door.
We had to draw a storyboard, film somebody acting the role of the UI user (in this case, me!), design all the screens and do the entire animation, all within a few weeks schedule. The instructor presented a shortcut to solve the problem of having to rotoscope the actor out of the scenes: to flip the shot. Therefore, we filmed the actor facing the camera in order to later turn the animation around.
I put a lot of effort designing the Home screen, too bad it can only be seen for 5 seconds! But I didn't want to linger on it since the entire purpose of the user was to order a pizza because she was starving. You can appreciate the length I put into the details in the image below.

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